Beyond the Briar's passion is bringing the outdoors in.

We provide personalized floral arrangements, installations, and event planning. We offer DIY workshops as well as styled events/ parties and photography shoots.

We are a family business carrying on 4th and 5th generations of foragers along the West coast.

At Beyond the Briar we specialize in foraged goods from our Beautiful Pacific Northwest Forest. We use natural and real materials as often as possible. Our style reflects our love and passion for the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 



Collection of Work


Every Specimen and object used by Beyond the Briar has been harvested in a sustainable manner and all foraged foliage is collected under a strict code of ethics. 

All flowers or greenery used are sourced and collected in a sustainable way, predominantly from the forest, our garden, local growers, nurseries and some markets.

Exact colors and shapes might vary and are apart of the beauty of using real and natural material.  Flower, greenery and size are subject to change based on availability. 

**Ten percent of all sales are donated back into our National Forest to help sustain, restore and vitalize our beautiful home.**